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Blue Cross NC Health Plans

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Getting health insurance can be a multi-step process, now more than ever. And even with all of the information out there, how to submit the actual application is still very confusing. Request a free face-to-face interview with William Mills to help guide you through the entire application process by contacting our office by phone, 828.230.6492 and 828.622.0195 or by email

Blue Cross NC Health Plans for 2020 for individuals and families

describes the individual health plans offered by Blue Cross NC for ages under 65 for 2020.

HSA type plans are still available. Contact me with questions.

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Remember, you can still get coverage throughout the year with a Special Enrollment Period. The effective date depends on the specific qualifying life event, such as, losing coverage, the birth of a child, getting married, moving, etc. Please call for details.

For those who are already a Blue Cross NC subscriber

You can easily go to to change your plan, add a dependent, and see if you qualify for subsidy. 

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What is included in your wellness benefit?